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About us

Blooming Green was founded in 2007 by cousins Bek & Jen and has since grown into a happy team of staff and volunteers who, together, form the unique business that exists today. Established on an acre of ground, that was once a Bramley apple orchard, the company now grows flowers and foliage on various sites — although the original flower plot at Loddington Farm is still at the heart of the business. Chemical-free, no-dig and what many people call their ‘happy place’... our flower plot is somewhere we love to share with our customers.

Our ethos at Blooming Green is to provide flowers to people in as eco-conscious way as possible — but without being preachy or gloomy. And that is still what we aim to do; to educate in a light-touch, inspiring way – simply saying it with flowers. We are proud to be ‘foam-free’ — ie, we don’t use green florists’ foam. For packaging we use paper, cardboard and compostable, absorbent fabric to keep our flowers fresh – so not a scrap of plastic, unless it’s compostable and plant-based. You can learn more about how we work on our selection of workshops and courses.

Our flower plot is a little ecosystem — and we try and make it wonderful for wildlife and people. We are inspired by regenerative farming and follow the no-dig principle of growing which involves adding compost or woodchip to feed the soil and suppress weeds. Our flowers include many that are great for pollinators — offering food in the form of pollen and nectar for much of the year. The edges of the plot are left wild for insects and other animals that eat aphids and slugs – so we have our own pest-control army, rather than using chemicals to control pests. We reduce the impact we have on the wider planet by: using peat-free compost; reusing our plastic propagation trays; irrigating with spring water; hand-weeding and using weed-suppressant fabric (instead of weed-killer) and composting our waste. Learn more about our growing methods on our Grow and Arrange Your Own Cut Flowers course.

We also offer flowers and our floristry services for weddings and events as well as being one of the few ‘florist-growers’ to offer Pick Your Own Flowers – both smaller quantities for your home and larger buckets for special occasions. If you can’t get to us, or want to treat a friend, we sell seasonal products as well as vouchers via our online shop.