DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop: Part 1 - Blooming Green - Seasonal British Wedding Flowers

DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop:
Part 1


Saturday 11th May

Saturday 14th September
09:30 – 12:30
£95 covers all materials & refreshments

If you’ve chosen to grow your own flowers or pick from our plot for your wedding, this course is the perfect accompaniment. Part 1 focuses on flowers for the wedding party. Our experienced florists will talk you through choosing & conditioning your flowers, demonstrate and guide you in creating a posy using the ‘spiralling’ stem technique, tying-off and attaching ribbons. This is used to create bouquets of all sizes. You will learn to tape and wire flowers and foliage, an essential skill, to create beautiful buttonholes and corsages. This technique is also used for floral crowns. We’re more than happy to answer any wedding-flower questions and to share are our wealth of knowledge on eco-friendly floristry. You’ll leave with new skills and the confidence to create unique and gorgeous wedding party flowers.

Book to join us for Part 2 How to create table, church & venue flowers.