Natural Fabric Dyeing & Flower-Printing Workshop - Blooming Green - Seasonal British Wedding Flowers

Natural Fabric Dyeing & Flower-Printing Workshop


Saturday 12th August
10:00 – 12:30


This fun and informative workshop is run by ex-Pfizer chemist, Barbara and fabric & seamstress wonder-woman, Julia, both talented florists who now naturally dye and print fabric.

You will learn how to prepare your fabric for dyeing (using mordants) and which flowers and natural materials, such as roots, bark and leaves, can be used to create a dye. We will teach you dyeing techniques and how different fabrics affect the dye outcome. Then you’ll get hands-on by dyeing your own silk ribbon – the perfect addition to a wedding bouquet or keepsake.

After a break, we’ll demonstrate flower and leaf-printing, and you’ll learn which flowers transfer their colour and shape to fabric the best. You then can pick flowers from our plot and use the press-and-pounding print technique, to enjoy creating a printed flower scarf.

You will leave with a naturally dyed ribbon, a flower printed scarf and knowledge and confidence to try these techniques at home.