Sustainable and Eco-friendly Floristry Workshop – Garlands & Installations - Blooming Green - Seasonal British Wedding Flowers

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Floristry Workshop – Garlands & Installations


Saturday 13th May 10:00-13:00

£90 covers all materials & refreshments


With over 10 years of wedding floristry experience and planet-friendly from day one, we pride ourselves on our range of plastic- foam- and moss-free techniques, using only our own flowers. Garland-making is versatile skill, and is suitable for use on a top table, mantelpiece or to decorate marquee pillars and suspended ceiling hoops. We will show you how to make a classic garland on rope / twine as well as a more abundant garland of foliage and flowers, using chicken wire and test tubes. From here we will progress to a suspended hoop design – an ever popular marquee and venue decoration — and demo an archway. We also discuss the logistics of venue installations, health & safety and how to liaise with venue contractors. This course is suitable for florists who are committing to eco-friendly techniques or for ‘at-home’ florists looking to learn new skills, as they head into the wedding industry.

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