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TV cameras, broken legs and a pregnant lady

Welcome to our flower plot!
Although this is the start of our blog, it is by no means the start of our story. That started many years ago, when Bek and I (Jen) were born into the same extended family, as cousins. A few decades later and here we are, starting up a flower-growing and floristry business on our fruit farm in Kent.

It’s been a crazy start to our little ‘dream business’ and we are now in our second season of flower growing. Things are picking up a pace and the next few months look like they are going to be super-busy.

As if being florists who grow their own flowers isn’t complicated enough, we are also being filmed for a series on Channel 4, called My Dream Farm which is presented by none other than Monty Don. So as well as keeping our new flower customers happy, we also have to smile and be well behaved in front of the cameras. To add to the excitement, I broke my leg skiing and am on crutches and Bek is elegantly expanding into a proper, pregnant lady.

Aside from human activities, the plot is bursting into life and every day we spot something new and exciting to put into our Blooming Green bouquets… ‘Drum stick’ Alliums, Astrantia, Peonies, Dianthus and lots of lovely summery flowers. There are funky caterpillars on our Verbascum which we think come from a recent influx of Painted Lady butterflies. Then there are the bumblebees and honey bees and our favourite, the ladybird. Not only do they grant wishes and look pretty, their larva love the taste of aphid!

Next blog, we’ll give you an update on the chicken…Three Light Sussex and the Speckledies.

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