Phew... - Blooming Green - Seasonal British Wedding Flowers


I have to eat my words. We were rather dreading the photoshoot this week as we didn’t think Wedding Flowers magazine really ‘got’ the whole local, seasonal, flower thing. We felt a little like we were stuck between a rock and a hard place with the TV company on one hand, setting us the challenge of the shoot, and the magazine on the other, wanting us to use flowers that do not represent what we do.

But, the girls at Wedding Flowers were a delight to work with, loved the flowers we brought for the shoot and provided us with loads of funky props and the most gorgeous location…(Georgian London town house with 12 foot sash windows). It was also great to have loads of creative input. Wow! Never have our flowers looked so glamorous. They looked almost good enough for Elton John. We’ll see if we’re allowed to put any pics on our blog, but if not, you’ll just have to check out the magazine in January (March issue, I think).

Not only was is a wonderful day, but it’s open our eyes to using our flowers in different, funkier ways. They may be country flowers… but they can do urban chic too!

Next post, I’ll fill you in on the controversy surrounding the shoot.

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