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High winds and flood warnings… the life of a florist!

Over the last few weeks I have rapidly learnt why farmers, like my parents and uncles and aunts, are so affected by the weather.

In the past I’ve huddled indoors, in a warm house or office and marvelled at the drama and gloom of stormy weather. Now that our livelihood depends on the elements, it’s not quite the same experience, listening to the rain lashing against my bedroom window and the wind rattling the tiles. Our new wind break has been partly flattened and out polytunnel is coming apart at the seams… I can hardly bear to look. And just when you think the worst has passed, it comes back with a vengeance.

On the funny side… The other day I was out in the dark, gathering foliage whilst wearing a head torch and Gore-tex jacket. Now how many florists get that involved? This time of year makes creating a bouquet all the more challenging – although putting together a totally luscious winter arrangement, which has involved tramping through brambles, shimmying up trees and fighting with branches makes the whole experience more satisfying, and amusing. A bouquet we made this week contained: Spindle berry (Euonymous europeus), rosemary, dark red hydrangea, teazels, ivy leaves and berries as well as some viburnum fragrans.

This week we’re making more of our willow-based Christmas wreaths, to sell at the Yalding Christmas Fair. Will update you with pics and information later in the week.

Keep your fingers crossed for our polytunnel — and a break in the weather.

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