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Waste not want not

Generally, having worms is not a good thing. But, when your worms are safely holed-up in their own little plastic abode, ready and willing to turn your food scraps into lovely rich compost then it’s something to celebrate.

Last week we took delivery of a Wiggly Wigglers Worm Cafe which is now fully functioning in our shed / rest area. We’re heading into the summer season on the plot, which means regular impromptu picnics in the shed and the occasional case of peoples’ eyes being bigger than their stomachs. Well, in the case of the men, it’s usually the other way round. Either way, we now have a host of hungry mouths to feed and our own mini compost plant.

Apart from a few escapees on the first day, when we’d not given them enough to sink their gums into, it seems to be going swimmingly. And I haven’t had any ‘special requests’ from our new guests just yet.

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