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All a-buzz at the Open Day

After a mass of picking, tidying and making cakes, our Open Day has been and gone… But it was worth all the effort. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and no one seemed in a hurry to leave. We think there were about 180 visitors in all, although it was difficult to count the children who were running around looking for butterflies as part of the national Big Butterfly Count. We could have done with a butterfly net to round up the children at the end of the day. There were masses of cakes, strawberries from Clock House Farm nextdoor and the odd glass of the Chapel Down Rose, “English Rose”. Plus buckets and buckets of flowers. We were chuffed to receive so many compliments on our plot, but one of the best came from Erika McAlister, who works in the insect department of the Natural History Museum in London, who said: “I’ve never been a fan of cut flowers, for obvious reasons, but having seen the mass of different bee varieties on your plot, I have changed my mind.”

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