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Belgian blooms (and the odd waffle)

The other day we got a last-minute invitation to a Belgian plant fair, from our gardening guru Anke. Beervelde is held near Lochristi and, dare we say it, leaves Hampton Court in the shade and, erm, looking a bit tacky. Plant sellers gather in the mature parkland around a country house, with the whole event landscaped and styled, as only the Belgians know how. When you run out of steam, you can stop at an island cafe for hot chocolate and waffles.

Before heading to the plant fair we took a detour to a wonderful cutting garden near Brussels. We had met Yolande, the cutting garden’s creator, at the Silene stand at the Great Dixter Plant Fair. It was fantastic to gather tips, enthusiasm and cuttings from her, before heading to the most incredible plant fair EVER! We cannot recommend a visit highly enough. Beervelde will, as Anke’s husband warned, ‘blow your mind’ and make you look at plants in a whole new light.

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