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Christmas wreaths and candle lanterns

(Written by Bek) I was thankful that the day dawned bright on Sunday an antidote to a dull and wet Saturday. The sunny morning saw people meandering around the plot cutting foliage and berries to decorate wreaths and candle lanterns. As Jen was away on a well-earned holiday, my glamorous assistant was Karen who also teaches wreath making and natural crafts.

We wove bases from willow before decorated them. Some wreaths were green with eucalyptus, pittasporum, holly, rosemary and senicio dotted with red cotoneaster, rosehips and holly berries.  Others included white snow berries and bright purple Callicarpa berries, all tied on with garden twine. Then there were wreaths which were twiggy, with dogwood and birch, then decorated with hydrangeas, chinese lanterns, pine cones, honesty and alder catkins.

After a lunch of sausage, mash and red cabbage followed by apple crumble and custard, cooked by my lovely brother Paul (a proper family affair), we were ready to make a candle lantern. Jen and I were inspired by something very similar on our autumn visit to Belgium this year and we came up with something along similar lines. After molding the wire over a ceramic pot we decorated the lanterns. I went for birch twigs, spindle berries and chinese lanterns. Ian created a beautiful arum lily lantern! In the middle went a special 100% beeswax candle handmade by Karen. Then we lit the candles, turned the lights out and looked at the transformation!

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