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Bek's Top 10, and easiest, cut flowers

You don’t need a lot of space or expertise, to grow some wonderful cut flowers – some of which just love to be cut and will grow more flowers in response. If you’d like to learn more, why not come on our next course Grow Your Own Cut Flowers course on Saturday October 3.

In the meantime, here is Bek’s Top 10, to get you started

Achillea Small plates of tiny flowers in all shades of yellow, orange, red, pink and white. Dreamy and meadow-like. Short-lived perennial that is really easy to grow from seed.

Agastache Spikes of flowers in white, blue, pink and orange. Smells delicious and minty, with flowers and foliage that are edible. Perennial, and easy to grow from seed.

Ammi visnaga A white umbellifer that is great as a filler and more robust than its cousin, Ammi majus. Hardy annual that is easy to grow from seed and readily self-seeds.

Cosmos Large flowers, from red to pink and white. Can grow lovely and tall. Half-hardy annual and very easy to grow from seed.

Dill Big umbels of lime green flowers, edible, great for bees and an awesome filler. Hardy annual that is easy to grow from seed and self-seeds readily.

Mint A great foliage and also a wonderful flower of purple or white which insects go crazy over. Just the job for Pimms. Perenial which spreads via its roots. Will go mad if left to its own devices.

Sweet rocket Frothy sweetly scented flowers in purple or white or pale pink, early in the year when there is not much else around. Biennial (flowers in its second year)

Sweet William Clusters of gorgeous-smelling flowers, ranging from white, pink and red to purple. An absolute classic biennial

Sunflower (Soraya or Valentine) These sunflowers produce many heads and are great for cutting. Soraya is orange yellow and Valentine is a delicate pale lemon.

Verbena bonariensis Small clusters of luminous purple flowers are held above the rest of the flower bed on long straight stalks. Butterflies adore them. Perenial that is easy to grow from seed and self-seeds very readily.

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