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Wreath success and tips

Yesterday’s wreath-making course at Sissinghurst Castle went swimmingly — with lots of happy participants and 18 beautiful hedgerow-style wreaths heading for front doors across the South East — and one all the way to Huntingdon. The sun was shining and the view through the medieval barn’s archway, across the fields to the Downs, was as good as it gets.

In case you haven’t made a wreath for your front door yet, here are some top tips:
* Choose a word that reflects the ‘look’ you are aiming for — this will help you focus
* Add decorations in odd numbers, to achieve balance but not symetry
* Refresh a ‘hedgerow wreath’ by adding items you find in your garden or on walks

Lastly, here’s picture for a bit of inspiration

Wreath 2013

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