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It's not all glamour you know…

Quite often, when people visit our flower plot, they roll their eyes and sigh: “What a heavenly place to work”. In the warm, sunny months, I’d have to agree, but in winter it’s no laughing matter being on top of a windy hill. (Though better than being in the flooded valleys at the moment). On Christmas Eve our poly tunnel was destroyed by gales. I thought it best not to tell Bek — whose house had just been flooded — but unfortunately she found out when her brother James passed her a cocktail sausage on Christmas Day with a jolly aside: “Your poly tunnel’s been flattened”. While I sunned myself in New Zealand in January, Bek got together a working party of friends to put the wreck back up… and it lasted for a few more weeks. This Saturday night we were again fighting the elements, with six of us trying to hold and rope-down the plastic cover in the dark. Our efforts paid off and this afternoon Bek and I had a serious giggle tightening up the ropes, adding clips and trying not to slip over in the surrounding quagmire. Rising again, like a phoenix, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it will survive until the spring and gentler weather. Running your own business is never boring!

poly tunnel and flowers
The poly tunnel in sunnier, less windy times!

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