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Come and play at our open day!



One of the best things about our flower plot is that children can run wild, and safe, when you come to pick flowers. There are no rules, and if someone occasionally falls into the flower beds, it’s not the end of the world. If anything, everyone is a bit cautious about picking the flowers, as they are not used to having such a free rein.

So often, parents will say to us: “Our children are so used to being told not to pick flowers, that when we come here, they take a bit of convincing that it’s allowed!” But, once they do, there’s no stopping them.

At our Autumn Open Day on Saturday September 6 we are going to get into the spirit of playtime (even if it’s the start of the school term, boo, hiss) by providing a pop-up adventure play area. The idea started in the US, and is nothing more complicated than allowing children to play, unguided, with simple materials — so they effectively make their own fun rather than having it laid on. Take a look at the link below…Or, if you’d like to know more, bring your kids along to play among the flowers on Sept 6.

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