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It’s rosehip harvest time

We are enjoying our third rosehip harvest on top of the Greensand Ridge in Kent. While all around us at Loddington Farm, apples are being brought in by the bulk-bin load, We are busy cutting rosehips by hand, to sell from the shed.

We first spotted the ornamental rosehips when visiting our favourite Belgian garden show, Beervelde, near Ghent, three years ago.

The Belgians really get into the spirit of the seasons, so Bek had the mad idea of planting 500 of the plants alongside Blooming Green’s acre flower plot.  We use the ornamental hips in flower arrangements but also on their own, in various forms – either as stem or as a complete bough.

We are growing two different varieties (both said to be thornless – though you might find one or two prickles) called Sanne and Plenty – one with lime green stems and the other with dark red / brown stems.

At this time of year our flower plot is popular with people wanting seasonal flowers for harvest festival displays – and the hips add a lovely autumnal, and informal touch.  They are also ideal for seasonal window displays.

Having seen how the rosehips are used on the continent we have been inspired to use them ourselves.  We make rosehip wreaths, use them as a single sprig in a bud vase or en masse in a large vase. And we have just decorated an outdoor garden arch with boughs.  It works rather well, even though we say so ourselves!

You can order rosehips in bunches of 10 from our website for collection on a Friday afternoon between 12-14pm throughout the autumn.

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