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The year of the small intimate wedding?

It’s always fab when someone stylish, ‘on-trend’ and with their finger on the pulse of the wedding industry gives you all the insider knowledge you need… at the click of a mouse. In this case the author of the 2021 Floral Trend Report is Charlotte Argyrou – botanical illustrator, blogger and fashionista. What’s even better is we love what she has to say. This year, there are likely to be five clear themes when it comes to weddings:

1. Intimate Weddings

2. Truly Individual Weddings

3. Sustainability

4. Single Species Bouquets

5. Fresh + Dried Bouquets

First up, intimate weddings… though some weddings may have to be be smaller — at least in the first half of the year — apparently budgets are not. Those getting married are simply spending their money in different ways – fewer guests means a better budget for flowers and everything else. It also means that whatever flowers you do have, they will create more impact. Yippee.

With couples inviting their closest friends and family, it also means that there is less pressure to impress and greater focus on having the wedding exactly as you want it. We’ve always prided ourselves on the fact that our flowers ‘stand out from the crowd’ and are very different from your average fare… so this is more good news as far as we are concerned.

Sustainability… well, what can we say. This has always been at the heart of our business. We grow all of our flowers and foliage ourselves, do not use floral foam (basically, powdered plastic) and use entirely compostable and recycled packaging and materials.

Single-species bouquets – how refreshingly simple. Flowers, after all, speak for themselves and don’t need clever arranging to look beautiful. So, if you choose your favourite blooms, bunch them together in an abundant bouquet of beauteousness… you can’t go far wrong.

And lastly… fresh & dried element in bouquets. It’s something we have done for many years out of necessity, because it can look great and also because we hate following rules! Eryngiums, for example, are great if a bride is looking for a little blue in September / October and wants that ‘thistly’ look. Dried grasses and seed heads add texture and a more rustic look. Or, a few dried flowers used in Spring buttonholes, when fresh flowers may be in short supply. This certainly gets our vote.

So, all in all things are looking pretty rosy for weddings in 2021. And, after all the stress and delay, everyone is going to enjoy them more ever. This year’s weddings are going to rock!

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