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Woodland wonderland

This week I went out on my bike, to meet up with an old family friend who has created an amazing wedding reception venue on his farm… and wants our help with flowers. It’s so nice when we meet like-minded people, with a similar appreciation of vibrant, rustic style.

Sam Wise, who has started up the Wise Wedding Venue on his farm near Paddock Wood, has a knack for throwing magical woodland parties… with contemporary, clever lighting, ‘floating sofas’ suspended from the trees and, the real party piece: a 40ft-high tree house. Yet none of it detracts from the fact that you are in a woodland glade, surrounded by nature.

This young entrepreneur has recently been to India to get hold of some funky marquees too, which we’re going to do our best to decorate. We’re thinking trestle tables, ivy-twined poles and dramatic twig arrangements. I realise the words ‘dramatic’ and ‘twigs’ don’t naturally go together, but just you wait!

If you want to take a peek at Sam’s venue visit: http://www.wiseweddingvenue.co.uk
Knowing the site, and having seen photos of the latest developments, I’m trying to find an excuse to use the venue myself… Any volunteers for an impromptu wedding?

Other developments in the (small) world of Blooming Green: TV programme out this week, I’m off to an eco-packaging event in Birmingham, we’re talking to couriers… Oh, and will be selling bouquets, locally, for Mothering Sunday.

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