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Most of all we'd like to thank…

Whether or not you realise it, it’s the Oscars season (we’re not totally parochial, you know 🙂 ). So what better timing for a huge, heartfelt thank you to all those ‘behind the scenes’.

Last Thursday was the ‘premiere’ of My Dream Farm, in which Bek and I appeared in technicolour on Channel 4. We spent the evening with lots of family, drinking cheap bubbly and eating chilli con carne. So, no red carpet, but lots of fun and giggles. And it seems we were not the only ones watching…

THANK YOU to all of you who sent us the loveliest emails encouraging, supporting and giving us the thumbs up. It means a huge amount and has given us a fantastic boost. Apologies to anyone who we have not replied to personally… we had a couple of hundred emails in the days after the programme, from among the 280,000 people who clicked on our website. Eek!

So, now that we’ve got your attention, we’d like to use this opportunity to thank some of the people who helped us last year who might, if we are lucky, lend us a hand in the future! In no particular order: Auntie Mary, chief horticulture advisor, helper and volunteer leader; Uncle Alan, ‘muscles’ and chief spader-offer; Gary, deputy spader-offer and all-round helper; brothers/cousins Farmer James and Paul for general help and advice; my Mum and Dad, Helen and Joe, for encouragement, tea, cake and support… All the family have been brilliant.

We’ve also had fantastic help on weeding and planting days (see pic). We couldn’t have pulled off the ‘turnaround’ without that help. Did anyone else notice that Monty slightly missed the point, that we were just two girls — one huge and pregnant and one on crutches — with an acre to weed?! So thank you to all who came and helped us in return for fresh air and BBQ food. Bek will be in charge of one or two volunteer days in the next couple of months. All welcome!!

On a professional level: Thank you Forsham Cottage Arks, who provided a beautiful Boughton ark (named after our neighbouring village, Boughton Monchelsea) for the plot’s celebrity chickens. It got cut in the editing, but is still doing a fine job looking after my hens. And last but not least Wiggly Wigglers, or more importantly, Heather at Wiggly Wigglers… who is an inspiration and, we’d like to think, our very cool friend. Do take a look at their blog too — WW are always up to something exciting, eco-friendly and ‘a little bit farm’.

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