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A bit of a landmark

I couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional, when we put up our sign at the weekend. It’s only a little thing, but it means a lot to see it by the gate at Loddington Farm, where our family have farmed for well over a hundred years. I like to think my grandparents, who are no longer around, would be chuffed to bits.

Cousin James, who runs the fruit business alongside Uncle Alan, had asked if we were going to sort something out… I like to think he wanted a Blooming Green sign by the roadside because he’s proud of our blooming business but I think the real reason is that he’s fed up with directing flower fans out of the farmyard. With forklifts and lorries coming and going with apples and pears the last thing he needs is a group of local church flower ladies wandering around the yard. We, on the other hand, welcome them onto the plot with open arms. We’re hoping to have Friday evenings as pick your own nights, for said flower ladies, once we’ve picked our own flowers for bouquets and weekend weddings.

Anyway, hope you like the sign. It seem to do the trick with all the visitors we had at the weekend, picking up Mothers’ Day bouquets… Only those with Sat Navs seemed to get totally lost. We’ll stick with old fashioned maps and signage for now…

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