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Undrunk cups of tea…

You know when you’re busy, when every cup of tea you make ends up sitting on the sideboard, or on the table, undrunk. The last couple of days have been a whirlwind, with lots of requests for Mothers’ Day bouquets and many hours spent in the shed, making, wrapping and selling them. Of course, we thought we’d be clever and put a cap on how many we were going to do… what with the continuing cold weather, and the fact that Bek is still on maternity leave, officially. But we had so many pleas, to make ‘just one more’, that we ended up going well over our quota. A late night dash to London to deliver some emergency, replacement wedding flowers, also added to the excitement.

Bek did a sterling job collecting forsythia, pussy willows, ruscus and lots of other gorgeous stuff, to go into the “Spring” bouquets (where has Spring gone?!) and was full-steam ahead on the plot, organising help with planting and sowing. Meanwhile, I was in the shed, like a pig in the proverbial, surrounded by amazing materials and scented narcissi and sarcococca. We got our main flowers from a fantastic plantsman and flower grower over near Canterbury. Michael Minter had grown tulips, narcissi and daffs, which were just what we needed… but it was nail-biting stuff this week, waiting to see if he would have anything. He said that this was the worst year he’d ever known, with everything delayed by the cold. So most of the things he’d planted for Mothers’ Day would not be out until a week or two after the big day. The life of the seasonal flower grower…

Anyway, this is just a little update. Happy Mothers’ Day and hope everyone is pleased with their bouquets. By now the daffs and forsythia should just be opening nicely.

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