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The excitement of life as a chicken

This morning I was sitting in our little office, looking out on the lines of flowers being buffeted by the breeze and enjoying the sense of relief one feels when muggy weather breaks into gentle showers. I love the rain. Though not so much when I’m cycling around the lanes.
As I looked out on our plot, one of our ‘TV chickens'(bought to keep the TV people happy) strutted past in the way that only chickens can; all nonchalant and self-assured. I marvelled at the idyllic scene, thinking ‘this is the life’. A minute later the same chicken shot past my window, wings flapping, legs striding out as if its life depended on it. It had me in stitches. Farmer James says there’s a manky fox prowling round the orchard next to our plot. So maybe Chicken Lickin really was running for her life?
After a couple of hours at the computer, I decided I needed a strut around the plot myself so grabbed Bek’s hat (to put me in the right frame of mind), some gardening gloves and went to attack the weeds. Who needs an executive toy to relax you when you can grab weeds by the neck and lob them into a pile…

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