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Coals to Newcastle…Flowers to Sissinghurst

Sometimes it’s tempting just to sit and look at our field of flowers and not actually sell them. Even some of our customers struggle to wield the secateurs and take our flowers away. At times like this, we have to remind ourselves that one of the main reasons we are doing what we are doing, is ‘sharing the love’. Or sharing our flowers, at least.

Recently we’ve started supplying Sissinghurst Castle Farmhouse with buckets of flowers. It’s a pleasure sending off our flower buckets, knowing that they will be enjoyed by all the guests, in this most glorious setting at Sissinghurst.

The B&B; is run by Sue and Fraser Thompson (Fraser is perhaps best know as the MD of Chapel Down Winery) in the National Trust’s Victorian farmhouse ( ) Sue kindly gave me a tour of the rooms, so I could see our flowers in situ. What with the fab decor, high ceilings and the views of Sissinghurst Castle and Gardens, I really don’t think our flowers could end up in a lovelier spot. It seems the guests have been tickled by the real, English flowers too. If only I could justify a mini-break just a few miles from home…

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