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Wedding flowers: getting the most for your money


 Wedding table decoration

Locally grown flowers and foliage add bags of rustic charm to a wedding and if you’ve picked and arranged them yourself, it’s the perfect way to express your own style. Flowers grown close to home are also great because they reflect the time of year of your wedding and evoke the colour and scents that go with it. The key with locally grown flowers is to keep an open mind. Instead of setting your heart on a specific flower, think about the overall look you want to achieve, your colour scheme and whether you’d like large dramatic blooms or tiny delicate buds.


Top tips for budget-friendly, country-style flowers that don’t compromise on style

  • Pick your own flowers: a large bucket of flowers should make about 10 simple table decorations
  • Use lots of lovely foliage from your garden and friends’ gardens to add volume and natural style to your arrangements
  • Make your blooms go further with by placing a few, or individual stems, into a mixture of vases, jars or tins (which you can collect from charity shops in the months preceding your wedding, or save after eating the contents)
  • Place your arrangements on to a mirrored base to double the floral effect. Mirrors also provide a nice stable platform
  • Enlist the help of friends to decorate your reception venue — or, if they have flower-arranging skills, they may be able to decorate the church too
  • Ask ushers / guests to move flowers from the church to the reception venue; they’ll look very different in a different setting, whilst keeping the theme consistent

Jar of kentish flowers

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